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Really?! Leave Van Nuys (ban nice) alone!

28 June 2009
it's not all bad

it's not all bad

There are some nice parts of bad towns and bad parts of nice ones. I agree that Van Nuys should be “made better” – and by that making the traffic flow better, improving public transit, inverting some of the miles and miles of either ugly apartment buildings and turning parking lots inside out, to have the buildings come up closer to the street, with wide sidewalks to windowshop and mingle and bump into each other.


Life in a Flash

28 July 2008

Reading through the L.A. Times yesterday, I came across the story of Nancy and Rudy Tovar, creators of Rudy and Nancy’s Barrio Newsletter (Which I have been trying to find and can’t yet). 

In a nutshell, Nancy Tovar has reached that age in her life when she is not only facing her mortality, but doing it in a dignified way – she’s not only taking care of her affairs, packing, giving things away, but she also has her eye on her husband of over 13 years, although they’ve dated since 1979 and met in the 1960s. According to the Time’s Steve Lopez, 

Nothing in her life was harder, Tovar says, than moving Rudy out of the home they shared. Learning of her cancer 2 1/2 years ago didn’t compare. Being told recently that it had spread to her lymph nodes didn’t compare. Losing Rudy was everything. “He’s going deaf,” she says, wishing she could share her hopes and fears with him. “You don’t know whether he hears you or not.”

This is one of those local stories newspapers are good for. With all of the hype about how much newspapers are losing money and readers, these kinds of local stories should be what a new and improved L.A. Times would be smart to focus on.

It’s also one of those stories that should make us proud of being human, living in Los Angeles, that we have good people left, and even though we’re all headed to the same destination, it makes life that much better to know of two kindred spirits and sweet hearts like these two people.


Towering Scarecrow

Towering Scarecrow

My prayers go out to both Nancy and Rudy.

Full Article Here




Welcome to Pocho Saurus Mex

25 July 2008

I know the title is hit or miss. My siblings hate it, dismissed it out of hand. My good friend loved it, laughed and made me know I had to go with it.

So what’s this all about? I’m sure you’ve heard or been involved in a variant of this conversation:

So you’re Mexican?

– No.

Confused look. You can almost hear them think: But…look at you! 

You continue. -I was born here.

-But you’re Mexican.

-No. If I were Mexican, I would have been born there. My parents are from Mexico.

-So what do you have against Mexicans? Or: Oh, you’re ashamed of your roots? Or: Something about a “ranfla” (car)

Brings me to my point: There are many of us whose parents are from other countries. In the process of assimilation, we’re losing a bit of ourselves. Many of us give it up quietly, knowing that our life is a mixture – not quite Mexican, not quite American. We are something new and fresh and in-between. Some of us make a big racket about not “going down without a fight,” about not “selling out.” There are discussions of Raza and Aztlan and other myths and legends. 

I can see my parents and all that they’ve given up to be here. I see how they gave up their comfortable lives back in Mexico to be spat on in this country, be laughed at, work and finally make it. I am what they wanted to accomplish. My Spanish isn’t that great. I don’t want to take back any land from anyone. I don’t use the words “pachuco” “ranfla” “orale” (except when joking). Not a big chile fan. I love enchiladas. Not a Taco Bell customer. Thinking about not voting for Obama. Giving McCain a chance to prove himself. Always follow immigrant stories in the news. Not really “down” with the whole Chicano Movement thing.

If I were Asian, you’d probably call me a banana.

If I were Black, you’d call me an Oreo.

I guess I am your coconut.


Fuck it! Welcome to Pocho Saurus Mex.