Pocho Saurus Votes!

2 November 2008

I will vote for Sen. Barack Obama.

I will vote not liking the guy, but then again, never having met him nor reading much about him. I will vote for Obama regretting that Sen John McCain, the man who I voted for in 2000 against George W. Bush in the primaries, has long disappeared  into a black hole of Karl Rove attacks and unfocused campaigning. 

I will vote for Obama knowing full well that my vote is for a historical figure who will try to change Washington, but will ultimately make so many compromises that he will let down his most ardent supporters. I wish that I was as enthusiastic about Sen. Obama as I was about Sen. Hillary Clinton. I knew her to be a tough old bitch, and knew that even with all of her baggage, and maybe because of it, she wouldn’t change Washington necessarily, but she would have gotten her agenda passed. Oh well.

I will vote for Obama knowing that we will have 4 years of people whispering about racism. That issue is so enormous I will try to write about it later. But race is an issue that won’t go away, and to not vote for an African American just because they are African American is stupid. Even I never thought of it that way.

I will vote for Obama for all of the African-Americans who have struggled and died to vote, to be even considered equal and human and who will see him as the result of their two-hundred years and longer oppression and struggle. I know that many tears of joy will be shed if/when Obama wins on Tuesday, and I do wish to be a part of it.

Still, I do resent the media’s bias against John McCain, the enormous and outrage-free financial advantage of the Democrats this year, the arrogance and cockiness and sense of inevitability that the Dems have shown since June.

Here’s to the next President!


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