Olympics Memories

8 August 2008
Very 80s

Very 80s

Pochosaurus remembers watching the 1984 Olympics with his dad. He made pepinos with salt, lemon and paprika. It was hot, after all. Anyway, that Olympics meant more to me than any since – more than Seoul, more than Barcelona, especialy more than Atlanta in 1996.

What other way do we have in our lives do we have to feel part of something so good, so much larger than ourselves? Aside from the broadcast rights and political woes, the Olympics is about the Athletes, their hard work and how proud we all can be not only to be citizens of nations, but to be part of this thing called Earth. There’s something about these spectacular ceremonies that always chokes me up, brings a tear to my eyes and makes me blubber like I was watching Titanic.

Looking at some of the awesome Opening Ceremony pictures from Beijing, Pochosaurus is glad for HD TV!


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  1. wow. so old school.

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