Here We Go…

25 July 2008

I’m sure this story has just started to make the rounds – first in the L.A. Times – picked up this discussion of Metafilter (the very first blog I ever read back in the 1990s).

Asians and Latinos: Guess Which Ones Make It?

The difference here is that the students at Lincoln were actually speaking up about it, instead of just grumbling at it by themselves. Hopefully this coverage will wake a few of them up. It’s simplistic to say that it’s just because the Latino kids are poor that that’s why they don’t make it. Stand and Deliver, anyone?

Seriously, it’s the parents who force these Asian kids to study at all hours, to fill up their time with coaches and drill and kill and SAT Prep. I know Asian kids are lazy, horny, distracted, just like Latino kids – difference is that Latino kids don’t have parents who tear them down when they “only” get a 90% on a test. I’ve seen it.

Most kids just want to be kids. If it wasn’t for the pressure parents exert, most would just stay home and MySpace with their “friends.”

Wonder why the drop-out rate is so high? It’s because Latino parents themselves (again this is all just generalizing, so be kind) didn’t go very far with their own schooling. This is an outdated model, but some Latino parents want to see their kids working, making money, helping out with the household expenses. Schooling is something abstract and work is a concrete, character builder.

Nothing wrong with that. Right?



  1. it’s not just the parents. i’m asian and most of my pressure came from peers – parents were happy if i went to cal state l.a.! also, i didn’t want to work in a factory or as a secretary. i wanted to do something fun. another thing is you don’t see that many asian mid-range jobs – we’re waiters and laborers, or liquor store owners, or something requiring a degree – so college is more do-or-die. when you see this situation, and map it back to personal experiences, you kind of figure that there’s going to be discrimination against you, so, you have to come to the table ready to blow people away.

  2. I agree – still, that sense of “blowing people away” is very hard to find among Latino kids – unfortunately, many of them are happy to “just” get a job, “just” make some money, and kind of limp along through life.

    Thanks for your comment.

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